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A graduate of Coppin State College, Mr. Mitchell taught special education classes for 10 years in the Baltimore Public School System while continuing his own instruction in advance Okinawan Shorin Ryu fighting techniques under the instruction of Master Frank Hargrove of Virginia, and training martial artists in his own Karate school.

A 7th Degree Black Belt, Arnold Mitchell has received numerous martial art honors. He is the first
African-American to fight and place in a Japanese Karate tournament. He placed 3rd and is so greatly
revered by Japanese martial artist that he has been award a place in their museum of martial arts. In 1997 he was honored as the Okinawan Shorin Ryu International Association’s Man of the Year; he is the first Marylander to obtain Kyoshi and Shihan teaching licensure and he is the first to complete the 100 man kumite match; it is a fighting match that lasts for seven hours and in which the martial artist fights 100 martial artists.

As great as his love for the martial arts, is his love for children. Anyone watching him teach children has seen that love in action. It is a love that Kyoshi Mitchell has demonstrated over the years as he has trained, tutored and coached a great number of them. Many have gone on to create successful lives of their own. He is a full time professional martial artist who is constantly adding to his body of martial arts knowledge. He is also the author of a book on Karate entitled, “Okinawa Shorin Ryu Fighting Methods. Arnold Mitchell is a Sensei in the truest sense of that word which means basically a complete teacher; one who not only teaches Karate, but the rudiments of a successful life, also.
Arnold Mitchell has been a dedicated martial artist for more than 30 years starting in high school as a student of Karate master, Riley Hawkins who during the sixties and seventies formed one of the most formidable Karate clubs in America – the Avengers. Arnold Mitchell was a top level fighter in that club, winning many tournaments and titles. At one point he was ranked number 3 nationally among middle-weights by Black Belt Magazine.
Welcome to my new website. We now offer fitness training as part of a new program starting in February 2009. Karate is my passion and I know that today's children and teens are on the way to becoming obese. The obesity epidemic is on the rise. I have teamed up with Kenneth Reed, owner of Fit For Life Personal Training and Group Fitness Center.

My clients will have access to Fit For Life Personal Training on specific days. This new  combination of fitness training and the discipline you receive from my Special Karate Training makes a body whole. Your Body, Mind & Spirit will be Under Construction!

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